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Thursday, 4 April 2013

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City: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
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Dear all,

I gained my music knowledge from my mother who had 10 years of experience in Karnatic Music. Later during my college studies at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, I had represented the college team and had won so many prizes in the state level intercollegiate functions. As such, in order to make so many people aware of music, I wanted to conduct music classes and I have been doing so for more than 10 years. But now, I have started a Music Institute of my own at Vadavalli, Coimbatore (Opp. to Vadavalli High School) named "RAJA'S MUSIC ZONE" where Guitar and Keyboard classes are undertaken. The Western music is taught in comparison with the Karnatic Music. You can learn both the Western and the Karnatic Music theories and practicals.

Some of the topics and activities that are covered in my institute are,

1. General classification of music instruments.
2. Parts of Acoustic/Electric Guitar.
3. Accessories of Guitar.
4. Types of Guitar.
5. Working principle of Guitar (Stringed-instruments)
6. What is frequency?
7. Arrangement of notes on a Keyboard.
8. Arrangement of notes on a Guitar Fretboard.
9. Standard string settings of Guitar.
10. Tones/Notes of Western Music.
11. Swaraas/Swarasthaanaas of Karnatic Music.
12. Interval between tones and notes.
13. History of Karnatic Raagaas. How they are formed systematically?
Thai Raagaas. (Melakarthat raagaas/Janaka raagaas)
Janya Raagaas. (Owdava, Shaadava, Sampoorna raagaas)
Upaanga Raagaas.
Baashaanga Raagaas.
Vakra Raagaas.
14. Thaalaas with their five Jaadhies.
15. Familiar Western Scales.
16. Practice to play Scales/Raagaas in split patterns.
17. Connecting the patterns
18. Modal shift of tonic in Western Music.
19. "Graha bedham" in Karnatic Music.
20. How to read and write Western Music Notation?
Staff, clef symbols, time signature, key signature, notes and their corresponding rest symbols, dotted notes, bar lines, ledger lines, repeat lines, triplets, duplets, accidentals, crescendo, decrescendo, Articulations like legato, staccato, staccatissimo, tenuto, portato, fermata etc., Accents, and terms related to tempo of the melody etc.)
21. How to read and write Karnatic Music Notation?
22. Triads/Chords.
23. Inversions of chords.
24. Chord positions basic/advanced.
25. Strumming styles.
26. Different types of Guitar lead playing techniques like Hammer-on, Pull-off, String bending, vibrato, sliding, trills. tremolo etc.
27. How to find out chords for a scale/raagaa?
28. Involving the students to play together as a Band.
29. Training in arranging chords to a melody.
30. Bass guitar styles to a melody, for a given rhythm pattern.
31. Monophonic/Polyphonic melodies.


Worked as the University Orchestra Representative during my college studies at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.
Composed few songs to be broadcasted in All India Radio Coimbatore station in "Ilaya Bharatham" program.
Worked as a guitarist at Janaranjani Orchestra (1987-91)
Worked as a guitarist at Vani Orchestra (1992-93)
Worked as a guitarist at Renjani Orchestra (1993-94)
Worked as a Bass guitarist, Computerized sampling and Rhythm composer operator at Arasan Orchestra (1998-2001)
Worked as a Manager for Arasan Orchestra in addition to the above
responsibilities (2002-2004) and performed shows with most of the familiar cine playback singers.
Guitar teacher in two institutes for more than 10 years.

Learn and enjoy music, get relieved from your stress and be relaxed on Sunday mornings at Raja’s Music Zone, Marudhamalai Main Road, Vadavalli, COIMBATORE, 641 041
Mobile No. 9842496337.