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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

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City: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
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Contact name KRISHNA KUMAR
Phone 8056124039

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Investors wanted for share market trading
one time investment rs. 1. 50 lakh only. Your profit may become rs. 40 or 50 lakh in the five years. Subject

investors wanted for on-line share market trading. Investment rs. 1. 50 lakh only. You can open your own on-line share trading account in your place or you can open on-line share trading account in your relation name; importantly derivatives trading account [futures and options trading account] is 100% important. Tell your on-line share broker that you want derivatives account, when you open account. Or if you already have online share trading account with derivatives trading facilities;
then i will do on-line share trading behalf of you, up to five years, from the date of begining share trading. If you invest all your profits in this share trading; then your total profit may become rs. 40 lakh or 50 lakh in this five years. This profit calculation is based on next ten years indian economic growth projections, next ten years indian share market growth projection, some industries growth projection, some important foriegn and indian analysts predictions about indian economy in the next ten years, monthly average profit percentage, after deducting yearly small corrections, after deducting my profit share etc. Profit target per month

gross profit may become 30% per month. Your profit may become approximatly 19. 50 % per month. This 19. 50 % is, after deducted my profit share 35%. Example : rs. 45,000 gross profit. Minus my profit share amount [35%] - rs. 15,750 = rs. 29,250. So your profit may become approximatly rs. 29,250 per month [+19. 50 in the first six months. After this, it may double per month. If you want to take your profit every month, then you may take your profit. This is your interest. Profit share basis

i want 35 % profit share amount from you. You should give my profit share with in ten days, after i sold shares in profit, through bank deposit in my bank account number or cheque. My share trading strtegy

my success rate is almost more than 90% in the futures trading research. I will do mainly in the stock futures for you. I have selected (after day and night, very hard and deep research) some super shares in this futures trading. Past 20 months, continuesly [except few months], they gave excellent profits in the futures trading to investors. They will give excellent profits in the coming years also in the futures trading; because of their growth prediction by good analysts. Their growth in the coming years will be good. After one year or one and half year or two year, i will do cash market short term trading in your extra profit. Stock futures trading will go, as usual. Introduction about me

i am krishna kumar, from chennai. Govt polytechnic diploma holder. Age 42. I had exactly eleven and half years deep and broad based research experience in the indian share market field. Now i am doing share trading for behalf of other investor, now i need additional few investors. What benefits; this five years share trading business will give to investors

1. Now, banks may give approximatly 7. 50 - 8. 50% interest for fixed deposits holders, per annum. But this share trading business will give many fold profits. 2. I believe; that no one business will give this much of un-believable profits in this short five years in the rs. 1. 50 lakh investments. 3. Investors not necessarily spend their precious time for this business. Just few hours time spending per month is enough [for trading details viewing and account balance verification purpose]. 4. Mutual funds may give 15-20% per annum. Some times or rare cases they may give 30-40% or more, per annum. But my trading strategy may give more profits. 5. I believe that my share trading strategy may give more profit than any other business like real estate, gold, bank fixed deposit, post office saving scheme. Bonds, monthly house rent income etc in this six year period. 6. Your other income will increase. 7. You are doing other business or entering another new business in your life. How your investment capital will be safe

you are the only person to with draw your money, from your share broker office, through bank transaction. So no one can mis use your money. I will just do share trading behalf of you; like your representative. That’s all. Delaying investors, please avoid me. I need quick action taken investors only. Few investors only. Good investors only. In this stock futures trading strategy; i am not able to do trading with bellow rs. 1. 50 lakh investment. I did all calculations. So, strictly rs. 1. 50 lakh investment is require. I definitly believe; that this is a un believable opportunity for small and medium investors. Don’t think that this is a ordinary advertising, like some advertisng in the internet. Because this advertisment came from the real excellent [eleven and half year experience]
share market experience person. If you want to earn more, because of inflation or any reasons, then don’t miss this opportinity and don’t be delay. If you delay, then another investors will join this business very quickly, before you. Because i need only few investors. Believers only get success. Believers only grow very big. Thanking you, your’s sincerely,
m. Krishna kumar

my residential address
m. Krishna kumar
no:197 (62/f2), vellala street,
near i. C. F east colony and near i. C. F gandhi nagar]
near ellai amman koil]
ayanavaram, chennai – 600023
cell : 91- 8056124039
landline : 044 - 45090814
e. Mail : mangotrees@rediffmail. Com
web site : www. Sharemarketkrishna. Webs. Com