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Thursday, 6 October 2011

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Detecting Kernel-Level Root kits Using Data Structure Invariants
DN2Automated Blocking of Malicious Code with NDIS Intermediate Driver.
DN3Identifying Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities based on Binary Code
DN4A Combinatorial Approach to Detecting Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities
DN5Analysis on Credit Card Fraud Detection Methods.
DN6Architecting a Secure Enterprise Data Sharing
DN7A User-Oriented Image Retrieval System Based on Interactive Genetic Algorithm.
DN8A Multilevel Hierarchical Image Segmentation Method for Urban Impervious Surface Mapping Using Very High Resolution Imagery
DN9Human Motion Tracking by Temporal-Spatial Local Gaussian Process Experts
DN10Human Motion Tracking by Temporal-Spatial Local Gaussian Process Experts
DN11Adaptive Spectral Transform for Wavelet-Based Color Image Compression
DN12Multiple exposure fusion for high dynamic range image acquisition
DN13Content-Based Image Retrieval by DTCWT Feature
DN14A Comprehensive Analysis and Parallelization of an Image Retrieval Algorithm
DN15An Oblivious Image Retrieval Protocol
DN16Minimizing Additive Distortion in Steganography Using Syndrome-Trellis
DN17Blind Image Watermarking Using a Sample Projection Approach
DN18A new Digital Image Watermarking based on Finite Ridgelet Transform and Extraction using ICA
DN19A More Secure Steganography Method in Spatial Domain.
DN20Digital Image hiding using curvelet transform
DN21Image Information Hiding Technique Based on Frequency Hopping and 2D-DWT
DN22NABS Novel Approaches for Biometric Systems.
DN23Fingerprint Matching Incorporating Ridge
Features With Minutiae
DN24IR-Tree: An Efficient Index for Geographic Document Search
DN25A Web Search Engine-Based Approach to Measure Semantic Similarity between Words.
DN26Problems and Solutions of Web Search Engines.
DN27Custom Tailored Location Based Services: An IMS Implementation
DN28On Computing Farthest Dominated Locations
DN29Crowd-sourcing Location-based Queries
DN30Studies and Evaluation on Meta Search Engines.
DN31Personalized Meta-search Engine Design and Implementation
DN32Processing and fusion of meta-search engine retrieval results
DN33Off-line Signature Verification using Local Patterns
DN34Off-line signature verification and recognition: Neural Network Approach
DN35Optimal Scheduling for Fair Resource Allocation in Ad Hoc Networks With Elastic and Inelastic Traffic
DN36Interference-Aware Routing in Wireless Multi-hop Networks
DN37A Distributed and Scalable Time Slot Allocation Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
DN38Resource Allocation for Cross-Layer Utility Maximization in Wireless Networks
DN39Jamming-Aware Traffic Allocation for Multiple-Path
Routing Using Portfolio Selection
DN40Understanding and Tackling the Root Causes of Instability in Wireless Mesh Networks
DN41Dynamic Conflict-Free Transmission Scheduling for Sensor Network Queries
DN42A Cooperative Clustering Protocol for Energy Saving of Mobile Devices with WLAN and Bluetooth Interfaces
DN43Optimal and Efficient Graph-Based Resource Allocation Algorithms for Multi-service Frame-Based OFDMA Networks
DN44Design and Performance Analysis of Mobility Management Schemes Based on Pointer Forwarding for Wireless Mesh Networks
DN45SAT: A Security Architecture Achieving Anonymity and Traceability in Wireless Mesh Networks
DN46SAT: A Security Architecture Achieving Anonymity and
Traceability in Wireless Mesh Networks
DN47Secure High-Throughput Multicast Routing in Wireless Mesh
DN48Proportionally Fair Rate Allocation in Regular Wireless Sensor Networks
DN49Optimal Rate Allocation in Peer-to-Peer Streaming over Wireless Networks
DN50On the Fairness of Frequency Domain Resource Allocation in WMN
DN51User priority aware scheduling and dynamic resource allocation in orthogonal frequency division multiple access
DN52Improving Offline Handwritten Text Recognition with Hybrid HMM/ANN Models
DN53Fuzzy-Zoning-Based Classification for Handwritten Characters

DN55Adaptive Fault Tolerant QoS Control Algorithms for Maximizing System Lifetime of Query-Based Wireless Sensor Networks.
DN56The Geometric Efficient Matching Algorithm for Firewalls.
DN57Exploiting Dynamic Resource Allocation for Efficient Parallel Data Processing in the Cloud
DN58Exploiting Dynamic Resource Allocation for Efficient Parallel Data Processing in the Cloud
DN59Monitoring Service Systems from a Language-Action Perspective
DN60Data integrity proofs in cloud storage
DN61Optimal service pricing for a cloud cache

DN62Personalized Ontology Model for Web Information Gathering
DN63Efficient Computation of Range Aggregates against uncertain location based queries
DN64Scalable Learning of Collective Behavior
DN65The World in a Nutshell Concise Range Queries
DN66Publishing Search Logs – A Comparative Study of Privacy Guarantees
DN67One Size Does Not Fit All Towards User- and Query-Dependent Ranking For Web Databases
DN68Improving Aggregate Recommendation Diversity Using Ranking-Based Techniques
DN69Exploring Application-Level Semantics for Data Compression
DN70Bridging Socially-Enhanced Virtual Communities
DN71Continuous Neighbor Discovery in Asynchronous Sensor Networks.
DN72Endpoint-Based Call Admission Control and Resource
Management for Vo-WLAN
DN73Caching Strategies Based on Information Density Estimation in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
DN74A Distributed Algorithm for the Replica Placement Problem
DN75An Enhanced Selective Forwarding Scheme for real-time applications in MANETs
DN76A Virtual Topology for Routing in Ad-hoc Networks
DN78Adaptive Provisioning of Human Expertise in Service-oriented Systems
DN79Distributed Adaptation of Quantized Feedback for Downlink Network MIMO Systems.

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